Bioflex Yarns produce diabetic knitted products that will reduce skin abrasions or diabetic ulcer formation

Bioflex Yarns Ltd. is a company specialising in the development of thermal regulating products 60 million Diabetic patients throughout Europe prone to have feet or blood circulation issues. Bioflex Yarns engineering and chemistry department have developed a range of smart textile products to service this specific markets

Temperature regulated heat zones throughout sock design create a unique dry high comfort, impact resistant, frictionless interface surface at the skin contact area helping to avoid critical complex podiatry issues common to diabetic patients.

Bioflex Yarns is helping shape the future by offering unique nanotechnology based solutions that transform textiles and nonwovens, giving them a whole range of desirable new properties.

Product service and it's advantages

· Bioflex Yarns Reactive Phase Changing Material products will be a new patient driven preventive approach to mitigate ulcer formation or skin abrasions that are prone to Diabetic patients or over 65 year old population.

· NHS direct expenditure for Diabetic Ulcer and lower limb amputations £640 million annually

· The TES – PCM cushion has the potential to enhance the comfort of wheelchair users and the over 65 population who have to sit for prolonged periods by utilizing thermal energy storage.

· We strive to combine advanced chemistry with discoveries in the field of nanotechnology, which can benefit or improve our everyday life and environment.

Product Information

Textile design: Scientific and commercial research into polymers or copolymers with nanoparticles dispersed in the polymer matrix, have many applications from medical devices to textiles and clothing, the technology, which is invisible to the human eye, is now all around us.

Coatings can impart amazing new properties to materials, increasing their effectiveness whilst decreasing their maintenance time and cost.

Botanic Fibre: Bioflex Reactive Yarns utilize natural cellulose fibres. The main raw material is wood-pulp from none-endangered trees. The additive paraffin is refined plant oil

Functionality: Bioflex Reactive Yarn technology creates a micro heat accumulator with extraordinary latent heat potential.

Phase Change Material: Phase Change material is a micro composite with thermo regulating features.Via direct spinning paraffin is embedded in a highly crystalline and tear-resistant functional fibre.

Textiles manufactured from this process can absorb excessive body-heat and when required, dispense it again. Thus temperature regulation is assured, providing extraordinary wearing comfort and an excellent skin surface microclimate.